The current state of healthcare delivery systems is concerning, with the following facts highlighting the severity of the issue: (a) half of the world’s population cannot access essential health services, (b) 930 million people must spend 10% of their household income on healthcare, and (c) high healthcare costs are forcing 100 million people into extreme poverty annually.

To address these issues, the development of affordable, portable, and user-friendly healthcare technologies is necessary. Social business models, which prioritize sustainability, can also be leveraged to deliver healthcare services effectively. Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC), a key aspect of SDG 3.8, can be achieved through the development of digital healthcare technologies, such as portable medical sensors and artificial intelligence to reduce medical costs. In addition, new policies on remote healthcare systems and social business models can make the healthcare delivery process more sustainable. Digital Healthcare Systems can play a significant role in reducing the spread of disease, improving mental health, and optimizing the time of healthcare professionals.

We invite you to join us for “The 5th International Conference on Healthcare SDGs & Social Business,” taking place virtually on March 19-20, 2023. This conference aims to provide a platform for the sharing and discussion of cutting-edge healthcare technologies, deployment case studies, and policy recommendations to achieve UHC sustainably.