Q.1-1. What is the deadline for submission?

Ans: The deadline for all types of submissions is set to June 10, 2024.

Q.1-2. What are the submission guidelines?

To Find the guidelines Click here

Q.1-3. Can I go over the page limit for my submission?

No. You are strictly advised to follow the page limits mentioned in the Call for Papers

Q.1-4. Is it mandatory to comply with the given submission templates?

Ans: Yes. The submission templates must be followed to be forwarded for review or acceptance. Not doing so, may result in a rejection.

Q.2-1. How do I register for the conference?

Ans: To register for the conference, please refer to the “Register Now” tab. Click here to go directly to the registration page.

Q.2-2. What are the registration fees?

Ans: To find the registration fees and their categories Click here

Q.2-3. Can I register on-site?

Ans: Yes, on-site registration will be available.

Q.2-4. I want to cancel my registration. How can I do it?

Ans: No refunds will be made. If the participant fails to be physically present, he/she can attend online. Please notify the conference authority at the earliest of any change of plans.

Q.2-5. If I register but cannot attend the conference (offline or online), can I nominate a substitute to present in my place?

Ans: Yes, one of the co-authors can present. Please notify the conference authority as soon as possible if such action is necessary.

Q.2-6. If I have multiple submissions, would each of them require separate registrations?

Ans: Each paper would require one of the author’s registrations. If you are registered for one of your submissions, the 2nd submission would require a separate registration from one of the other listed authors.

Q.2-7. Are there any opportunities for registration fee exemption?

Ans: Yes, for a limited number of participants who are unable to pay. Please refer to the “Registration fees exemption” section on the page.

Q.3-1. Can I apply for a registration fee exemption?

Ans: Yes, you can. The following are the eligibility criteria for application.

– Your paper/poster has been accepted for publication/presentation

– You have a concrete reason for not being able to pay the registration fee

Click here to apply for the registration fee exemption.

Q.4-1. What is the conference schedule?

Ans: Click here to see the conference schedule

Q.4-2. Can I attend the conference online?

Ans: Yes, since the conference is hybrid, you can attend online.

Q.4-3. How can I get my certificate of participation?

Ans: The certificate of participation will be provided soon after the presentation at the conference.

Q.5-1. Where will the conference be held?

Ans: The conference will be held at Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan.

Q.5-2. Is there accommodation available nearby?

Ans: Yes. There are plenty of hotels nearby. Click here for information regarding nearby available accommodation according to your budget.

Q.6-1. How do I get an invitation letter to apply for the Visa?

Ans: An invitation letter will be issued at the confirmation of registration. However, the letter is not a confirmation of the visa.

Q.6-2. What are the nearest airports or train stations to Hiroshima University?

Ans: The nearest airport is Hiroshima Airport

The nearest train station is JR Saijo Station. Guide for getting to Hiroshima University

Q.6-3. Are there any transportation arrangements?

Ans: No, there will be no transportation arrangements from the conference authority.

Q.7-1. What types of presentations are accepted?

Ans: Accepted papers will be presented by one of the authors. Presentation time will be 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.

Q.7-2. What are the guidelines for oral/poster presentations?

Ans: Accepted poster papers will be presented by one of the authors. There will be a poster presentation corner where you can set your poster. The size of the poster will be A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm). The format will be made available soon.

Q.8-1. Are there networking opportunities available?

Ans: For offline participants, face-to-face interaction for networking will be available during the time of the conference.

For online participants, the contact information of the conference attendees will be shared for communication.

Q.9-1. Can dietary restrictions be accommodated during meals or refreshment breaks?

Ans: Yes. Please notify the conference authority of your preference at contact@socialtech.global soon after confirming your registration.

Q.10-1. Is the venue accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Ans: Yes. Please notify the conference authority of your requirement at contact@socialtech.global soon after your registration is confirmed.

Q.11-1. Whom should I contact for further inquiries or assistance?

Q.11-1. Whom should I contact for further inquiries or assistance?