Dr. Sahar Hashmi

Founder and CEO Myriad Consulting LLC, USA

Dr. Sahar Hashmi

Founder and CEO Myriad Consulting LLC, USA


Dr. Sahar Hashmi is the Founder and CEO of Myriad Consulting LLC, a boutique consultancy firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She is a multifaceted professional with expertise spanning medicine, business management, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation in healthcare.

Academic and Professional Background

Dr. Hashmi holds an MD and a Ph.D. from MIT’s School of Business Management and Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS). She also completed a master’s degree in System Design and Management from MIT. Her unique combination of medical and business education positions her at the forefront of healthcare innovation and technology integration.

Expertise and Contributions

Dr. Hashmi’s areas of expertise include:

  • Artificial Intelligence applications in healthcare
  • Digital transformation in business and healthcare
  • System design and management
  • Data analytics and machine learning in health records
  • Strategic consulting for startups and venture capital firms

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Through Myriad Consulting LLC, Dr. Hashmi provides a wide range of consulting services, including:

  • Strategic planning for healthcare startups
  • Due diligence for venture capital investments in healthcare
  • Design and implementation of AI-driven healthcare solutions
  • Customized executive education in AI and digital transformation

Her firm is known for its ability to assemble teams of experts from diverse fields to tackle complex healthcare challenges.

Recognition and Impact

Dr. Hashmi is recognized as a visionary leader in the field of AI and digital transformation in healthcare. Her work has been praised for its potential to disrupt and improve patient care delivery on a global scale. She is particularly noted for her efforts to bridge the gap between academic research and practical business applications in healthcare.