Kennedy Auma

CEO, Youth Action Forum for Networking (YAFNET) Nairobi, Kenya

Kennedy Auma

CEO, Youth Action Forum for Networking (YAFNET) Nairobi, Kenya


Kennedy Auma is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Youth Action Forum for Networking (YAFNET), an influential organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a seasoned economist, entrepreneur, and mentor with a strong focus on youth empowerment and sustainable development.

Professional Background

Kennedy Auma has an extensive background in strategic planning, business development, and health systems analysis. His career spans over eight years in health information management and clinical administration, showcasing his ability to integrate healthcare and economic development.

Role at Youth Action Forum for Networking (YAFNET)

As CEO and Co-Founder of YAFNET, Kennedy‘s responsibilities include:

  • Providing strategic leadership and vision for the organization
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of youth-centric programs
  • Building partnerships with local and international stakeholders
  • Advocating for policies that support youth empowerment and sustainable development

Expertise and Focus Areas

Kennedy’s work through YAFNET focuses on several key areas:

  • Youth empowerment and networking
  • Business opportunities and entrepreneurship
  • Health systems strengthening
  • Community engagement and development
  • Strategic planning and policy advocacy

Notable Achievements

Some of Kennedy’s notable accomplishments include:

  • Establishing YAFNET as a platform for youth engagement and business opportunities, contributing to Kenya’s Vision 2030
  • Leading initiatives that promote health education, economic empowerment, and social development among young people
  • Serving as a strategic planning officer and director of business development in various capacities

Vision and Impact

Under Kennedy‘s leadership, YAFNET aims to:

  • Create an enabling environment for youth to realize their potential
  • Foster sustainable economic growth through youth-led initiatives
  • Enhance health and well-being through targeted health programs
  • Strengthen community bonds and promote volunteerism