Nasirudeen Roddiyyat Taiwo

CEO, OpenHealth Abuja Nigeria

Nasirudeen Roddiyyat Taiwo

CEO, OpenHealth Abuja Nigeria


Nasirudeen Roddiyyat Taiwo is the CEO and founder of OpenHealth, a health-tech startup based in Abuja, Nigeria. Here’s a concise profile of her background and role:

Professional Background

Nasirudeen Roddiyyat Taiwo is an innovative entrepreneur with a background in healthcare and technology. She founded OpenHealth to address critical issues in healthcare accessibility and quality in Nigeria and beyond.

Role at OpenHealth

As the CEO of OpenHealth, Nasirudeen’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing strategic leadership and vision for the company
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of OpenHealth’s AI-powered healthcare solutions
  • Building partnerships with healthcare providers, tech companies, and government agencies
  • Driving the company’s mission to make quality healthcare information accessible to all

Expertise and Focus Areas

Nasirudeen’s work through OpenHealth focuses on:

  • Leveraging AI technology to improve healthcare accessibility
  • Developing user-friendly health information platforms
  • Promoting preventive healthcare and health education
  • Addressing healthcare disparities through technology

Notable Achievements

Some of Nasirudeen’s notable accomplishments include:

  • Developing an AI-powered chatbot that provides accurate, comprehensive health information and diagnostic solutions
  • Presenting OpenHealth’s solution at the MIT Solve 2024 Global Health Challenge
  • Integrating features like telemedicine and skin disease diagnosis into the OpenHealth platform